Idaho Unemployment


Idaho Unemployment Process

Idaho unemployment works off of the Idaho Department of Labor website and all correspondence is basically done from this online environment. When on this website, you will be able to file a new claim for Idaho unemployment, reopen a claim that has already been filed for, file your weekly claim report, and many other useful transactions in order to help you get back on your feet after losing your job.When you first go to file for Idaho unemployment, you should expect to be on your computer for at least 45 minutes in order for you to input all of the information that is needed for you to get your claim active. This information that you have to input includes your social security number, your alien registered number and card if you happen to not be a citizen of the United States, a list of employers that you have worked for in the past two years. This has to include the business and its information such as contact info and address.You must have the dates that you started with these employers and the dates that you no longer had the jobs for yourIdahounemployment claim. You also must have the total gross income that you made with these employers as well as the reason that you left or were let go. If you served in any military outfit, you will also need your DD Form 214 and certificate of release or discharge papers. You also will need to input your information which includes your phone number where you can be reached and the county in Idaho in which you live.Once you have given all of this information for your Idaho unemployment, you will then be able to hit the submit button. All of this information that you gave will allow for the unemployment division to see if you are eligible. If you are, you will be notified of your next step in receiving your benefits and the ways that you need to keep your benefits which include job search.